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sanganer is located 16 kms from jaipur. while it is known for exquisite jain temples, sanganer is an important centre for crafts and hand-printed textiles that is internationally famous.the most beautiful temple in sanganer is the ancient shri digamber jain temple. the temple has fine carvings as those of the magnificent dilwara temples of mount abu. built in various phases with sky-high shikharas (spires), the temple represents an old style of architecture. the last phase was probably built in the 10th century. the beautiful nij-mandir (inner temple) is a stone shrine with three pinnacles. in the centre is an idol of parshwanath with 7 serpent hoods. all around it, are carvings of lotuses, creepers and elephants pouring water from pitchers held in their trunks. but the main idol is that of adinath, installed in the shrine behind this. the town is most famous for its hand made paper and mostly screen-printed fabric. the fabric is popular for small floral designs. a wide variety of material for apparels, furnishing and curtaining is available. some of the traditional designs were produced in the patronage of the royal family. it is a beautiful sight to see brightly colour fabric drying out in the sun near the river. sawai jai singh ii set up a paper business in sanganer on the outskirts of jaipur. it is said that in the 16th century, the ruler of amber, raja man singh, brought kagzis to sanganer (situated on the bank of saraswati river, where abundant clear water was available). the town emerged as one of the biggest paper making centres in northern india. in between, however the industry did get a setback, but after independence, the khadi and village industries commission (kvic) included the handmade paper in its agenda for promotion of crafts. it is famous for kagazi mohulla (handmade paper) and block printing and is the world's largest centre of hand-made paper. sanganer is blessed with water and open spaces, essential for papermaking. from here the kagzis enjoyed patronage of the royal court of sawai man singh and his successors. today there are about 10 hand-made paper industries in sanganer, all owned by kagzis. of these the largest is salim kagzi's handmade paper and board industries. the airport of jaipur is also located in sanganer.